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November 13 Meeting Cancelled

A postcard Save the Date Reminder was mailed on November 3rd. Let's take a meeting break until after deer season and after the holidays. The next Reunion Planning Meeting will be in 2018 on January 8th at a location to be determined.  

Summary of the 10-9-17 Reunion Meeting

Seven of us met at Sunset Grill: Martin Lepak, Cathy Dings Overland, Patty Ames Herrick, Lynn Older Vukanich, Barb Teske, Lana Abramson Liljeblad and Kris Liljeblad. Cathy reported on the recent Class of '67 Reunion. Lana provided a financial report and paid registration status. Kris handed out a list of 58 missing classmates and Lynn and Patty provided new information on two of them to research further. There was no agreement to secure a block of discounted hotel rooms. Dress code will be casual for Classmates night and business casual for the banquet. The next mailing will be a short reminder to save the dates, sent to those not yet registered, and it will be prepared at the November meeting.

1st Mailing Sent Out - Buzz is Building

Just before Labor Day Lana and I sent out a letter and registration form for the reunion to 325 classmates. This represents a big milestone, with a lot of work by our Reunion Committee and early registrations to cover costs. US Mail is critical to get out the word because we have e-mail addresses for only 25% of the class. We cut the list of Missing Classmates to 39 before the mailing, but that number has grown again to over 50, and unfortunately we've also added a few to the memorial section. Please check the 'Missing Classmates' list to see if you have any information to help - a married name, city or state could make all the difference.  

Reservations are coming in, don't miss out!

As of November 25th, we have 44 classmates registered for the Classmates Evening at the Boat Club, 50 Classmates and Guests for the Banquet at Ridgeview, and 9 for Golf at Enger. To see who is attending which events, just go to the Attending tab of this website. Watch this site for a steady stream of new registrations over coming months! Also, get in touch with your classmate friends to make sure they know about our website and the schedule of events in June 2018!  

Kris and Lana

Faces and Places

Kris and Lana, You have done a wonderful job of finding classmates! I looked at the website tonight and it was great! Brought back many fond memories(almost felt like I was 17 again). Looking forward to seeing them and you again at Fitgers next year! Woot, Woot, class of "68" rocks!

Patricia Ames
Summary of 8-14-17 Reunion Meeting

Nine classmates met at the Sunset Grill: Cathy Dings Overland, Jim Cadotte, Martin Lepak, Patty Ames Herrick, Cindy Berg Storm, Barb Teske, Dale Mell, Lana Abramson Liljeblad, and Kris Liljeblad. Kris has cut the list of missing classmates in half through database searches and he is working to create website profiles for everyone with a known address. Lana reported that we have $1,100 in the class checking account. We reviewed content for a first mailing and discussed how to get people to open it and reply in a timely way. A work session to prepare the mailing was discussed. Three new registrations were accepted. See the Photo Album for meeting photos (courtesy of Barb Teske).

Previous Reunion Meetings

Reunion Committee meetings were held on May 22nd, May 30th, June 12th and July 10th, 2017. All of them were held at Sunset Grill except the 5/30 meeting which was at the Liljeblads. Classmates who have participated included Cathy Dings Overland, Barb Teske, David Brown, Jim Cadotte, Ron DeGrio, Gary LeClaire, Martin Lepak, Jeff Herrick and Patty Ames Herrick, Lynn Older Vukonich, Diane Christiansen LaBuda, Steve Lent, Cathy Mike Paquay, Dale Mell, Jerry Niemi, Cindy Berg Storm, Suzanne Sinnott Miller, Lucy Adams Gardner, Tracy Goldberg Goman, and Janet Worthing. These meetings resulted in selection of reunion dates for 2018, choice of venues, input on website creation, and information sharing on classmates.

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